About company

    JDC is a Film & TV Production company as well as location services provider company offering global quality at local rates with a professional approach unsurpassed in the region. It was established in 2000.

       It has a sub-category businesses like International Cast, Distribution platform, Provide Best Locations for Movies, Shoot Event Locations Provide, Promotion, Production / Co-Production, Writing, Direction, Video Editing, Video Making Facilities, Etc. and related to the Film Making and Film Production. For the given category information please follow up the Production.

Our Team

Come meet us up close


Jaish Preet

Managing Director

He operates all Co-production stuffs for film makers. He has been working in Films & Music.

Santokh Takhar

Film Director

Santokh Takhar is a well known Film Director, Story Writer, who directed the several Films. He has well experienced as Director, Screenplay writer, Story Writer in several projects like Films, TV Shows & Songs videos. He has the brilliant Knowledge of Direction. He is one of the most notable Filmmakers. 


Jaspreet Kaur

Film Producer

She is a Producer of JDC Film Company. She produced feature film ‘Kaale Angrej’.

Sandeep San


He is a Producer of JDC Film Company